Our fully trained operatives in gutter cleaning can efficiently and safely clean your gutters of leaves, moss and general debris without ladders or scaffolding!

Leaves, twigs and moss. What do these three things have in common? Believe it or not, these are all natural enemies of your gutters. All these organic materials are known to be the cause of rainwater drainage problems. But how can a few leaves and twigs cause such problems? Over time, natural debris builds up in your gutter system and begins to rot, forming a thick, muddy pile that blocks the flow of water through your gutter. This leads to leaks or overflows, putting your home at risk of water damage. To avoid this, gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year.

The importance of the gutter to your buildings should not be underestimated. The purpose of gutters is to channel rainwater away from your home. If this doesn’t happen effectively due to blockages, it can lead to a host of issues, ranging from relatively minor issues such as damage to surrounding paint and woodwork, mould and algae growth, to major issues such as crumbling masonry / facade, severe moisture problems.

Blocked gutters are also unsightly when they begin to buckle under the added weight that overgrown vegetation can cause if not properly maintained. This is why clean gutters are so important and thanks to its specific vacuum cleaner for this purpose, Jypex Nettoyage can clean gutters up to 12 meters high without climbing on the roof or risk of falling from a ladder or scaffolding.

What are the benefits of vacuum gutter cleaning?

If gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they quickly begin to become clogged with leaves, moss, silt, weeds, grass, bits of old roof tiles, and even old birds’ nests. So if your gutters are clogged, Jypex Nettoyage will help you solve this problem. Using the gutter vacuum, an extremely powerful, industrial-grade air/wet vacuum cleaner with latest-generation carbon fibre poles, we provide professional cleaning up to 12 meters of gutter height to effectively remove blockages and clean safely from the ground – 

No more need for ladders, scaffolding or nacelles and your privacy is respected.

Our gutter cleaning is carried out with minimal disruption and we are prepared to work outside normal working hours.

  • Photo of your gutters cleaned before/after intervention.
  • Service performed from the ground with long-range equipment.
  • Mold and moisture growth is kept to a minimum.

Attached to the top of the carbon pole is a video camera which we use to record the level of debris in the gutters before cleaning and throughout the process. With this camera, we can provide video and photographic evidence of the condition of the gutters before and after the cleaning intervention.

We also use video to detect any issues with the gutter itself. Our system is just as effective if not more effective than cleaning gutters by hand, but also provides access to hard-to-reach gutters that are inaccessible to ladders. This makes the whole gutter clearing process extremely efficient, as well as being much safer, faster and a considerably cheaper alternative to traditional methods.

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Vacuum cleaning up to 12m

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We can clean up to 6 floors without the use of ladders, cradles and scaffolding.